​8-Year-Old Shot in Terrifying Attack & No One Realizes It Until He Gets to School

crime sceneWhile getting ready to take their three kids to school, a family in St. Louis, Missouri, were confronted by a gunman in their garage. The father tried to fight him off and the mother ran into the home to get a gun. Mom and her 8-year-old son were shot. Their car was stolen by the gunman. And the 8-year-old was sent to school.


The family said they were unaware their child had been shot -- his wound was minor, a graze at the ankle. This is possible since everyone's adrenaline must have been running very high and this kid may have not realized he was wounded. But I can't help but wonder why anyone would send their children to school after an intensely terrifying incident like that? As the story unfolded, it seemed that the parents may have thought that school was the safest place for their kids.

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A police investigation at the home revealed a large amount of marijuana, including plastic bags and a scale -- intent to sell. Dad was arrested. No word on if their gun was legally owned. This leads me to believe the gunman was a drug dealer or someone who was well aware of the amount of drugs they had. This also makes me realize how lucky these kids are -- thank goodness they weren't killed. Thank goodness the 8-year-old only had a minor wound.

The mother's gunshot wound was in her leg and she is said to be in stable condition, as is her son. The cops are still searching for the family's stolen car. It’s a four-door, black 2006 Dodge Charger RT -- license plate FA524K. I'm hoping both mom and son recover quickly, and most of all, I hope this was the wake-up call to the family to realize that selling drugs isn't the answer.

Do you think this family sent the kids to school because they were trying to cover up the other wrongdoings going on?


Image via Ariane Middel/Flickr

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