Craigslist Seller Charged With Murder of Couple Who Responded to Car Ad

A Georgia man has been charged with murder after an elderly couple from Cobb County was found dead days after they responded to a Craiglist ad with the intention of buying a vintage car. Ronnie Adrian "Jay" Towns, 28, allegedly shot and killed Elrey "Bud" Runion, 69, and his wife, 66-year-old June Runion, in the most heartless of crimes.


Runion, who was a Vietnam War veteran, and his wife dreamed of owning a 1966 Mustang and were overjoyed to find a seller from McRae, Georgia, on Craigslist who claimed he had one in good condition. The couple agreed to meet with the man and took off for Telfair County -- but one of their two daughters became suspicious when, the following day, they failed to show up to babysit their grandchildren.

After an extensive search, police located the couple's SUV submerged in a pond on Monday and Bud's and June's bodies were found nearby, though not adjacent to one another.

At first, Towns reportedly provided police with false statements and was charged with criminal attempt to commit theft by deception for posting the false Craigslist ad. Police say Towns didn't actually own a Mustang and that he reportedly turned himself into authorities on Monday.

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Robbery appears to be the motive for this crime, but police wouldn't confirm whether the couple was carrying cash or any other details. The suspect has been described by neighbors in his small community as "very smart" and a "good kid."

There are so many details to this sad story that we have yet to learn about. As horrific as it is, at the very least this couple's children and family can now start to receive some semblance of closure (though still far from it, I'm sure) because their bodies have been found. It's horrific to think of anyone taking advantage of a trusting couple and it's completely perplexing to imagine valuing a few thousand dollars over two human lives.

What do you think happened here?


Image via Telfair County Sheriff's Office

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