Parents Poisoned Themselves & 3 Children to Escape 'Impending Doom'

Police have solved the mystery of what happened to a family of five who were found dead in their Springville, Utah, home with no signs of outward trauma. Authorities say that all five died of drug toxicity. The parents' deaths have been ruled a suicide and their two youngest children a homicide.


The dead included parents Benjamin and Kristi Strack and their children, Emery, 12, and Zion, 11, and Benson, 14. They were found dead by their 18-year-old son. The parents were lying in bed and the three children were lying on the floor around them, covered in blankets. Red liquid was oozing from Kristi's mouth, and a cup of red liquid was found beside each of the deceased.

The red liquid is believed to have caused poisoning. Kristi was found to have died of a combination of methadone, dextrorphan, diphenhydramine, and doxylamine. Benjamin had a fatal level of heroin in his body.

Evidence points toward the parents intentionally ingesting the liquid and making their children do the same. A letter left by 14-year-old Benson indicates that he knew he was going to die and that he left a letter behind giving his possessions to a friend.

Friends and family said that the parents were "concerned about the evil in the world," "a pending apocalypse," and "impending doom." Police say that "leaving this world" became a theme for them, but most friends and relatives assumed they planned to move somewhere "off the grid." However, a few reportedly thought that suicide could have been a plan.

Police say it's unclear if the 14-year-old was capable of deciding whether to join his parents in the suicide, so his death has not yet been ruled a homicide. But, seriously, how is any 14-year-old supposed to know what to do in this situation? Even if he intentionally took the drug, it was obviously under his parents' deadly influence.

These kids had no chance. It sounds like the parents were very disturbed. Likely the 18-year-old was simply left out of the plan because he was old enough to fend for himself and would have tried to stop it.

Sickening and tragic. And why didn't any of the friends who heard them talking this way call police? At least then the children would have stood a chance of being taken away from them.

Poor Benson, who apparently knew he was doomed. And one can only imagine what the surviving son, who found the bodies, is going through.

Image via KSL

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