Haunting Super Bowl Commercial Tackles Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

Did you know that studies show that domestic abuse rates increase after major sporting events? With the Super Bowl right around the corner, that's bound to be a scary statistic for a lot of battered individuals out there. At least one organization, No More, is attempting to help victims by releasing anti-domestic violence ad during the big game.


A 2011 study of 900 NFL games over an 11-year period found that rates of domestic violence can increase by 10 to 20 percent in areas where the local team suffered a loss. With a game as big as the Super Bowl, who knows who could be affected by very angry and violent people who are upset by a loss?

This powerful ad is looking to stop that, by hopefully showing victims that they have ways of getting help without alerting their abusers that they're getting it.

A woman's voice comes on the phone, as a 911 dispatcher asks her about her emergency. She tries to order a pizza instead. Initially confused, the emergency operator quickly figures out that she's not at liberty to talk. The script seems to be directly lifted from this real-life tale from a former emergency dispatcher.

The dispatcher is able to send an officer to her location, without her ever have alerted the alleged abuser. The text at the end of the ad reads, "When it's hard to talk ... it's up to us to listen."

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Hopefully this ad will show victims of domestic abuse that there are sneaky ways to get the help they need, and maybe even get some guys to realize that hitting women (or anyone they perceive as weaker) is just plain wrong, and they can and will be held accountable.

Domestic violence is a real and terrifying problem, but shedding light on the ability to get help takes a good step in the right direction to ending it.

Do you think this ad sends a powerful message about domestic abuse?


Image via NOMOREorg/YouTube

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