Mother Arrested for Leaving Child With Abusive Boyfriend

A mother has been charged with first-degree murder for allegedly continuing to leave her 16-month-old boy with her boyfriend, despite strong evidence he was abusing him. The boy eventually died.


Dominique Smith, 24, of Chicago, left her baby, BJ, with her boyfriend, as well as three other children, ages 5, 4, and 2, throughout the Christmas holidays despite allegedly seeing burn marks on her baby several times. She would reportedly leave the kids with Dantis Porter even though he was proving to be a nightmare babysitter.

Police say that Smith was well aware of various burn marks on her little boy's body -- reportedly from a space heater -- but not only continued to leave her children with Porter, but refused to take the baby to the hospital, despite family members urging her to do so.

Within a couple of weeks, Smith found BJ slumped over in his stroller. She finally called police. Medical staff found that the boy had been severely beaten and had traumatic brain injuries -- as well as numerous burn marks. His death was ruled a homicide. Porter was arrested, as was Smith.

Reportedly, Smith's excuse for never bringing little BJ to a hospital was that she was worried he would be taken away from her. Wow. How do you care about a child so much that you do not want him taken away, and yet care about him so little that you turn your eye to abuse?

It's possible that Porter was feeding her various stories about BJ hurting himself with the space heater, and Smith, the breadwinner for four children, felt she had no choice but to believe him so she could continue to work.

But how could she have not seen the other abuse reportedly inflicted upon him, including broken bones?

Also, it sounds like she had family. Could she not have left her children or at least BJ with them?

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Being a mother who works full-time and has no daycare options is a difficult situation for anyone, but I just simply do not understand how your heart wouldn't leap into your throat upon seeing burns on your baby's body, and you would immediately do everything and anything to protect him and get him help.

Now she's not only lost BJ, but her other children too. However, it sounds like those poor babies will be better off.


Image via Chicago Police

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