Mom Arrested for Relationship With Teen Daughter's Ex-Boyfriend (VIDEO)

It's bad enough when your mom refuses to unfriend your ex-boyfriend on Facebook, but imagine if she sleeps with him?! That's allegedly the horror show one girl is facing after her mother was arrested for having a sexual relationship with her teen daughter's 16-year-old ex-boyfriend.


Fereshta "Freshy" Angel Williams, 38, is accused of having a sexual relationship that went on for months with the ex-boyfriend of her teen daughter. It's unclear how cops were tipped off about the relationship, but you kind of hope it was the daughter, don't ya?

Williams was charged with having sex with a minor more than three years younger, two counts of oral copulation of a minor, and one count of trying to dissuade a witness. I wonder who she tried to dissuade!

Wow, it's bad enough when an adult has sex with a kid -- but with a kid who used to date your daughter? That's just so gross. That is definitely choosing a guy over your daughter. It doesn't matter if the daughter and the ex weren't speaking, or even if the daughter was "over" the entire relationship, it's just something you don't do! You don't even sleep with your friend's ex, let alone your daughter's.

If she is guilty of this crime, then that's just really sad. Her daughter must be scarred for life. Ew!

Image via NBC 7

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