Woman Inadvertently Films Couple's Attempted Abduction (VIDEO)

A woman was filming what has become a common scene here in America: Something that appeared to be cops roughing up suspects. But this was in Pretoria, South Africa, and what she ended up filming turned out to be something even more sinister. It was reportedly an attempted abduction.


The woman starts off filming what appears to be a couple being forced into what looks like an official car of some sorts -- with the two men doing the forcing wearing reflective vests and carrying guns.

The woman thinks they must be police, and as she sees the couple struggle to get away from the men, she assumes they are resisting arrest. You can hear her say on camera, "She is probably so scared they’re going to end up shooting her or something. You can’t fight the police like that." (Gee, sounds like they have the same issues in Pretoria that they do here!)

But as the couple continue to fight to get away, the woman starts getting the eerie feeling that she's watching something other than what she thinks she's watching. As the man is able to leap out of one car and begins screaming for help, the woman says, "Take pictures of the license plate. Something really bad is gonna happen."

She pauses and then says, "Maybe they are not real police."

It then sounds like she might be calling the police herself. Watch what happens:

Wow! Thank goodness the couple got away from their attempted kidnappers. Unfortunately, the video ends before the woman is able to get into the camera operator's car, but at least the couple were out and safe, while the men took off in both cars.

Reportedly, the suspects remain at large.

If you see something, film something!


Image via Rekord Pretoria/YouTube

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