Wife Who Gushed Over Marriage on Facebook Accused of Killing Husband

A couple's "fairytale" marriage turned into a nightmare after the wife was charged with shooting and killing her "best friend." Ashley Hunter, 27, of Foristell, Missouri, was like a lot of wives in that she just loved to gush about her perfect marriage on Facebook. But like a lot of wives, she was apparently lying.


Police say that just 11 days after Hunter wrote a Facebook post update gushing about her wonderful marriage and husband, she shot him in cold blood. The update read:

I am blessed to be married to my best friend. Our love grows more and more everyday. We have our own fairytale and a marriage built around God. I love this man!!

But police say the seven bullets she allegedly pumped into Nicholas Hunter proved she hated him too. She has been charged with first degree murder. Ashley allegedly got into an argument with Nicholas and went upstairs to get a gun. She then allegedly came back downstairs and shot him repeatedly.

There was no hint of what was to come in her Facebook post. Of course, it's been widely documented that people tend to portray their lives in a much more glossy and rosy fashion than they might actually be living.

And couples who repeatedly gush over each other on Facebook are some of the most likely to be falling apart off the Internet.

That isn't to say that all couples who express their undying devotion on Facebook are really at each other's throats IRL -- just the vast majority of them. Kidding! But seriously, couples who insist on sharing their unwavering love with each other on Facebook, stop it. You're all totally suspect now.

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As for Ashley and Nicholas, their friends must have been absolutely shocked at what happened, given her gushing updates. What a tragedy for Nicholas and his family.

Do you ever get jealous over Facebook couples?

Image via Warren County Sheriff's Dept./Facebook

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