Mom Arrested After 4 Kids Run Out of Car Trying to Save Their Own Lives (VIDEO)

OMG, these poor kids! A mother has been arrested after her 11-year-old son and three of his friends ran into a restaurant begging for help because they said their mom was driving drunk and scared the bejesus out of them. Reportedly, four 11-year-old kids ran into a Steak 'n' Shake in Gainesville, Florida, screaming for help. It turned out the person they were running from was 45-year-old Angela R. Woodworth, the mom of one of the kids.


A witness told News4JAX:

One of the boys told me his mom, they just left Ruby Tuesday, and his mom was really drunk and swerving all over the road. She hit a pole and broke a mirror off her car. They came to a stop. When they came to a stop, the kids jumped out of the car and ran into the restaurant.

Wow, how horrifying for these children. But it gets worse. The witness, Josh Kramer, said he called 911, but while they were waiting, the mom came into the restaurant screaming at the kids, chasing them around the restaurant, and demanding they get back into the car!

Kramer says he got the children away from her and put them on the sidewalk and said they didn't have to be scared. There, he waited with them for police to arrive. He continued:

They were not in a parking space, so we could only assume that her driving was so bad at that point that she couldn't even make it into the parking space.

The children reportedly told police that the mom had driven them to various places throughout the day, getting increasingly trashed at each one. Responding police officers said the mother looked extremely impaired, resisted arrest, and was finally apprehended.

Thank goodness these poor kids were able to jump out of the car and run for safety.

The mom sounds like she has serious alcohol issues and should not be putting kids in danger like this -- not to mention ordering them back into the car!

Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for her and she will get the help she desperately seems to need. This must have totally traumatized the children. It took a lot of bravery for these kids to do what they did. The mom should not have made them feel guilty for doing what they had to do to protect their lives.

Did your parents ever drive drunk with you in the car?

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Image via News4JAX

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