Ashton Kutcher's Terrifying Past Is About to Catch Up With Him

Ashton KutcherAshton Kutcher is one of those guys who has it all: Stunningly beautiful girlfriend in Mila Kunis, brand new baby, successful career as actor and investor. But he's got at least one very dark secret in his past that is about to come to light in a much more public way than was previously known. Reportedly, Ashton is set to testify at the trial of a serial killer accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend.


It was February 2001, when Ashton, already a rising star on That '70s Show, was casually dating a 22-year-old pretty blond named Ashley Ellerin. That night, she called Ashton to set up a date. For whatever reason, he turned her down.

That night was the Grammy Awards, and after Ellerin hooked up with another guy and he left, she then called back Ashton and asked to be his date for a Grammys party. According to police documents, he turned her down but agreed they would get together after the party.

He reportedly called her twice during the evening but got no answer. Thinking she was angry at him, Ashton reportedly drove to her house around 10:45 p.m. and noticed that her lights were on and her car was parked outside.

Ashton got no answer when he knocked on her door, so he decided to look in a window. That's when he saw what he thought was dark red wine pooled on the floor -- only it wasn't red wine.

Ellerin had been brutally murdered. She was reportedly stabbed at least 47 times and was almost decapitated.

But Ashton had no idea of this and left. Ellerin was discovered the next morning by her roommate.

The suspect, Michael Thomas Gargiulo, had allegedly already killed one woman, and allegedly went on to kill one more, and then attempted to kill a third. But she fought him off and his DNA was reportedly linked to the previous crimes. He will stand trial within the next few months -- and Ashton is reportedly set to be a witness as his testimony could be important for establishing the timeline of her death.

Gargiulo is said to have confessed to 10 murders.

The gruesome crime hasn't exactly been a complete secret in Ashton's biography; it's been mentioned in the press many times. According to a 2013 National Enquirer article, Ashton had "nightmares" over Ellerin's murder. But it was news to me!

Wow, what a tragedy for Ashton to go through. He must have been one of the last people to talk to Ellerin while she was alive. And he probably feels some guilt for not taking her out that night -- which may have saved her life. And I've seen enough crime shows to know that Ashton would have been considered a suspect until he could provide an alibi.

Let's not forget that this young woman had her own life ahead of her and isn't just a footnote in Ashton Kutcher's career. She suffered a terrible, gruesome fate and hopefully justice is served and Ashton can help serve it.

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