Mom Reportedly Offers Twisted Logic Before Drugging & Sexually Assaulting 2 Boys

A 36-year-old mother of one is charged with drugging and sexually abusing two boys. The boys both said they were given an "intoxicating" drink by the woman, who has a young son, and then she allegedly took advantage of their weakened and inebriated state and had sex with them.


Reportedly, one boy was at the home of Barbara Kirby when she gave him a drink and he felt lightheaded and dizzy and then passed out on her couch. When he awoke, the boy, who was older than 12 but younger than 16, said he was naked. Kirby allegedly told him, "Age is just a number," before getting undressed and having sex with him.

The boy said he returned home too embarrassed to tell his parents what had allegedly happened, but when he saw Kirby two days later, she allegedly threatened to kill him if he told.

Another boy had a similar story.

Both boys and their parents eventually met with police. It's unclear how the boys knew Kirby or why they were in her home, but it seems they may have all lived in the same apartment complex.

According to a police report, the woman admitted having sex with one of the boys, but then refused to answer any more questions. She was charged with lewd or lascivious battery and taken to jail.

If the woman is guilty, taking advantage of young boys like this is just hideous. Giving a child an intoxicating drink and then having "sex" with a child is akin to drugging and raping, end of story.

Hopefully, these boys will be able to overcome their alleged ordeal with the help of family, friends, and counseling.

But this horrible story doesn't end here. A Local 6 reporter says that when he and the camera crew were out getting footage of Kirby's house, they found her 9-year-old son home alone. The boy had just gotten home from school as the mother was hauled off to jail, where she remains trying to find a way to pay bail.

The reporter says they called police so the boy wouldn't remain alone. Ugh, this poor child. Hopefully there is a friend or relative who can take him in.

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Image via Lake County Sheriff's Office

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