Man Charged With Forcing Woman Into 'Slave Contract' & Torturing Her for 10 Years

A man has been charged with holding a woman hostage and abusing her for 10 years. Nicholas Allen Talbot of Lincoln, Nebraska, is alleged to have convinced the woman to sign a "slave contract" under threats toward her and her family and then horrifically abused her for years, including allegedly burning cigarettes on her body, writing "Property of Nick" on her arm, and forcing her to drink his urine twice a day.


It's unclear how Talbot met the unnamed woman, but friends of hers describe her as very "trusting" and "innocent." Allegedly Talbot was able to convince her that he had police officers in his "gang" and that if she didn't do as he said, he would kill her parents and grandmother in front of her. He also allegedly convinced her the slave contract he made her sign was legal.

Investigators found "horrific" injuries on the woman's body, including four to six scab marks on her spine that were reportedly from cigarettes being extinguished on it, plus burn marks from a lighter and a heated screwdriver.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, Talbot also reportedly forced the woman to drink his urine twice a day.

It's also unclear if the woman lived in his house or somewhere else, but she was apparently able to travel on her own, as she eventually told a local pastor and another woman about her situation and they called police.

While most of us think of hostages being held against their will with weapons, often the most effective bonds are psychological, being threatened with intimidation.

Thank goodness she finally worked up the courage to tell someone about her alleged plight.

Talbot had previously spent three years in prison for sexually assaulting a child.


Image via Lincoln, Nebraska Police

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