Man Completely Demolishes House While His Wife Is Out -- Without Telling Her

There are certain rules of etiquette when it comes to being married ... be respectful of one another, divide the chores up, and oh yeah, don't demolish the house while your wife is out. But that's exactly what happened to one poor woman in New York state on Monday, when she came home to find that her husband had completely leveled their home.


Dang, talk about having an axe to grind! And here I thought I had reason to be upset that time I came home to discover that my then-husband had completely disassembled our 2-year-old's crib after I told him that I wasn't ready to transition her to a big girl bed.

Anyway, police in Middletown, New York, say that Diane Andryshak came home earlier this week to find that her husband of nine years, James Rhein, had rented an excavator and knocked their house down, without telling her. You think that's the sort of thing you could up over morning coffee, right? Hey Honey, I think I'll knock the house down today, what do you think?

To make matters worse -- Andryshak is listed as the legal owner of the now defunct abode.

"None of my belongings were taken out," Andryshak said. "Everything was in the house. I'm in shock, still I'm in shock." Apparently the couple hadn't been fighting, and she had no clue anything was wrong between them.

"I don't know what happened," she said. "I don't know anything. I know that when I got here he was already down at the police station ... We were not fighting, we were not arguing."

According to the authorities, Rhein, 48, claims that he had every right to tear the house down, given that it was in such bad repair.

"As far as reason, it is fairly inexplicable," Lt. Gregory Metakes said, "but Mr. Rhein stated that the house had a bad foundation."

OK ... but why didn't he tell anyone? You can't just go around knocking down houses! Rhein claims that he tried to secure a permit, but the office was closed due to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. So he rented the excavator and took care of business. Without mentioning it to the utility companies, or you know, his wife.

Head? Meet desk.

"I took it down, that's it," Rhein said, maintaining his innocence. He also claimed that while Andryshak was upset at first, she's "over it" now. He said, "We're good. I'm a good husband, what can I tell you?"

No! Bad husband!

According to the cops, the baffled wife is far from "over it." She told the authorities that he did not have permission to tear down the house that she owns. Reign responded, "We're married. It's a community asset."

Well OK then. He was charged with felony criminal mischief and released on bail. There will likely be other charges as well.

Who the heck does something like that? Either this is a really roundabout way to ask for a divorce, or the guy has a few screws lose. Maybe both? Hard to say. But for now, just be grateful for the roof over your head.

Do you think this guy was in his right mind tearing down the home he shared with his wife?


Image via Middletown Police Department

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