Frustrated Woman Throws Water at Noisy Kids & Gets Arrested

A woman who threw water at her neighbor's noisy children has been found guilty of assault. Michelle Dodd, who lives in Manchester, England, had thrown some water out of her window at her neighbor's kids, who were noisily playing on a trampoline. She claims she was throwing water out of the window for her cat (huh?), but the fact that she did it three times and there had been a long-running dispute over the screaming children didn't bode well for her defense, and she was found guilty of three counts of assault.


It's unclear what Dodd's punishment will be, but reportedly she has lost her job and incurred about $500 in court costs.

Dodd says she was sick in bed and was emptying the pan of water out of the window for her cat and not intending to hit the children, which makes little sense, but okay.

However, apparently this was the third time Dodd had gotten up to her water throwing antics, and police had already been called to the homes previously, with each neighbor complaining about the other.

While there's certainly no reason to throw water at noisy kids -- hey, wouldn't we all like to?? I sure would. Argh.

But assault charges? Really???

The children's mother, Afshan Iqbal, says some of the water hit her son, now aged 3, and dried out his skin, causing it to turn to eczema. Which makes about as much since as throwing water out the window for your cat. I mean, doesn't this kid ever touch water?

The details of this case might be bizarre, but I think we all have an opinion on noisy children. For instance, I live in a building with more children than adults. There are so many of them, I swear some of them just wandered in and set up home here.

That said, they stand in the hallways and scream their heads off and the parents never say, "Darling, other people live here. Use your indoor voice." I have never once heard a parent ask a kid to pipe down.

It would have been nice if Iqbal, knowing her neighbor was sick and that the kids' screechy voices were bothering her, had asked them to be more quiet. But I guess that's like asking a bird to stop chirping. Not gonna happen.

Kids also deserve to be kids and play in their own backyard. Unless they are playing directly under a neighbor's window or are playing very early in the morning or very late at night, it's really unfair to ask them to remain quiet on their own premises.

But it would be great if people could compromise. Like maybe the mom could have limited the amount of time her kids jumped on the trampoline, especially while the woman was sick. Something like that.

Dodd has moved from the area, and you can't blame her. Hopefully she's found a kid-free zone.

Have you ever confronted anyone over noisy children or had them confront you?


Image via tebphotos/Flickr

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