Child Welfare Manager Arrested for Horrific Crime Against Children

A man who was once charged with protecting vulnerable children has now been charged with exploiting them. Edward Owen Berry, who was a manager in child welfare services in British Columbia, was arrested for possessing child pornography. He also was responsible for child and youth mental health, youth justice, and youth with special needs; he was also reportedly a foster parent at some point. If he truly collects child porn too, that is just a despicable betrayal.


After Berry was arrested on charges of possessing child pornography, it is unclear if he was fired or if he resigned from his position as manager of Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time we've heard about the type of trusted mentor who is given major access to children but is really the type of person you want nowhere near children.

Whether it is a teacher, Little League coach, or Boy Scout leader, the fact is that many pedophiles are drawn to industries where they can be close to their prey. Which makes that job so much more difficult for those who truly want to be close to children because they love them.

Whether or not he's guilty, this is just another unfortunate reminder that sometimes the people we trust the most are those we should trust the least.

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It's sickening to think that children who were in the child services system likely because they were vulnerable and had already been let down may have been around a man who allegedly thinks children are sexual prey.


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