Tech Genius Arrested for Killing Ex-Wife's New Husband in Front of Their 3 Kids

The co-founder of Plaxo, a contact management and social networking site, has been charged with murdering his ex-wife's new husband in front of her and their children. Minh Nguyen, who started Plaxo with Napster founder and Facebook co-founder Sean Parker, allegedly entered his ex-wife's home in Ashburn, Virginia, and shot and killed her new husband, just as she and one of her and Nguyen's children walked in the door.


Nguyen is a tech genius and very successful entrepreneur and investor behind many companies, but that doesn't mean he had it all together. A colleague told a radio station that Nguyen would "blow up" when his ex-wife and her new husband, Corey Mattison, got together with their young kids. He told the station:

He would try to prevent them from taking the kids anywhere. The guy seemed to be a little unstable.

Mattison and Nguyen's ex, Denise, had just gotten married in November. Police say that she and one of her three children with Nguyen walked in the door of their home just as he killed Mattison. The other two were already inside the home and reportedly witnessed the gruesome scene.

Mattison had two elementary age school children from his previous marriage as well.

Sounds suspiciously like a guy who couldn't handle his ex-wife getting remarried. We don't know what was going through his mind. Was it pure jealousy? Did he think he and his ex would one day reunite? Or was he worried -- either justifiably nor not -- about the kids?

It goes to show you that no matter how successful, rich, and smart you are, you can be whipped around by human emotions just as much as everyone else. It's imperative you get a grip on them. No matter Nguyen's motive, if he did murder Mattison, he has ruined the lives of five children. And to traumatize his own kids by allegedly doing something like this in front of them -- well, it's unfathomable.


Image via Loudon County Sheriff's Office

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