'Bonnie & Clyde' Teen Criminals Caught After Two-Week Crime Spree

A teen couple from Kentucky were arrested after two weeks in which they caused so much mayhem across various states that police dubbed them the teen "Bonnie and Clyde." Dalton Hayes, 18, and Cheyenne Phillips -- who is just 13 -- were found sleeping in a stolen Toyota Tundra in Panama City Beach, Fla., and taken into custody. The two were allegedly involved in the thefts of three vehicles and several firearms and authorities from Kentucky to Florida searched high and low for them.


Police say the couple became "increasingly brazen and dangerous" as they traveled from state to state. Cheyenne was reported missing by her family on January 3 from Clarkson, Kentucky, and Hayes' family says they received a text message from him on January 6.

Since that time, the duo reportedly stole a truck out of a garage in Clarkson and went speeding down a street before crashing it into a fence and running away from the vehicle. Their recklessness reportedly caused about $7,100 worth of damage to the truck.

Just one hour later, police say they stole a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that had a firearm inside of it. No one is sure yet why they abandoned it -- perhaps they used it just to get to Georgia, where it was found in Henry County.

Dalton and Cheyenne then upped the ante by allegedly stealing a Toyota Tundra pickup with a Georgia firefighter license plate in Manning, South Carolina. The truck reportedly had a .38 -caliber and .45-caliber inside of it. Around the same time, the couple was spotted on a Walmart surveillance camera and Cheyenne can be seen smiling in the footage. Police believe they may have tried to pass two stolen checks at the store.

Dalton's mother reportedly begged her son to turn himself in and "face the consequences" of his actions. She says her son has been dating his female partner-in-crime for three months and that she pretended she was 19. She says that, by the time her son realized her true age, it was too late: he had already fallen in love with her.


This isn't Dalton's first brush with the law, according to his family. He may have been running away from a slew of charges back home, including burglary and theft, after he was arrested last year. He was slated to appear in court on Jan. 5 to find out whether a grand jury had indicted him on the charges, but he and Cheyenne had already taken off by that point.

Thank goodness these children were caught before they could either hurt someone or get hurt.

What consequences do you think these teens should receive for their alleged actions?


Image via Grayson County Sheriff's Office


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