Woman Burns Newborn Baby in Middle of Road to Horror of Neighbors (VIDEO)

A man in Pemberton Township, New Jersey was surprised to see a woman in the middle of the road burning something. When he asked what it was, she said "dog feces." But then his wife screamed. The woman was burning something much worse than feces -- it was a live baby.


The man, Dave Joseph, 45, reportedly said that the woman then tried to flee but neighbors caught up to her and held her. Joseph said the woman had a calm demeanor and told The Intelligencer:

It was just mind-boggling. It was a nightmare even if you have a strong heart. Hopefully she'll pay for it.

The baby was rushed to the hospital still breathing, but eventually succumbed to his or her injuries.

Neighbors said they saw the woman screaming and dousing the baby with an unknown flammable liquid before lighting him or her on fire.

The young woman, said to be in her early 20s, was arrested. Most reports say the police have not yet released the relationship between the woman and the baby, but a CBS Philly reporter said that it was the baby's mother.

Ugh, I can't imagine what went on here. Was the woman just completely insane? The neighbor said she was calm and "knew what she was doing." But how could anyone do this to a newborn?

Police will make a statement later today.

Bless this poor baby. What a way to come into the world and then leave it. Breaks your heart.

Image via CBS Philly

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