Woman Arrested for Glitter-Bombing Her Ex-Boss' Office

Hey, you know that funny story going around this week about how you can mail glitter to your enemy's home to really piss him off? Yeah, let's talk about that for a moment: it's a bad, bad, supremely bad idea. But don't take my word for it -- a woman in Ohio was recently arrested for using glitter as a weapon against her former boss. Samantha Lockhart, 24, has been charged with fifth-degree felony vandalism, breaking and entering, and misdemeanor criminal damaging after she allegedly decided to get revenge on her fomer employer by trashing his office with glitter and silly string.


Lockhart was reportedly employed for about two years as a clerk for the Summit County Fiscal Office of Kristen M. Scalise. After giving in her letter of resignation and stating she would work until Jan. 22, she reportedly called in on an earlier date to say she would not be returning.

Clearly, she was eager to get a move on from her job -- whatever her reasons.

It's safe to assume after hearing what she did next that her reasons may have something to do with her negative feelings toward her boss. Police say Lockhart and a man walked into her old building the night she called off work and that they were carrying toilet paper and a bag. She allegedly used her swipe card to gain access to the office, and from there, broke into her 48-year-old former boss' office, where she proceeded to throw glitter and an unknown white powder around the room.

Baby powder, let's hope.

In addition to throwing known and unknown substances around, she also reportedly smashed her boss' personal photos, vandalized two desktop computers, a scanner, a printer, the carpet, AND the sweaters her boss had left at her desk.

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No one has commented on why Lockhart left her job in the first place or why the hell she was so angry at her boss. It's safe to say though that her boss is not going to have a difficult time replacing her.

Have you ever been incredibly angry with or bitter toward your boss?


Image via Summit County Jail

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