Couple Get Married 4 Days After Toddler's Horrific Death (VIDEO)

A couple in Semmes, Alabama, chose a strange time for their wedding -- just four days after their daughter's death. But perhaps it makes more sense in light of the fact that they've now been arrested for that death. Summer Everett, 22, and Chrisopher Knapp, 24, have been charged in the murder of their 20-month-old daughter, DaKota.


An ambulance was called to the home where Everett and Knapp lived with DaKota, and first responders found her unconscious on her bed. Police were summoned to the hospital, where they wrote up a report that said:

The child's hands, feet, and face were burned. There was noticeable trauma to the face and head of the child.

Poor DaKota hung on for a week before finally succumbing to her injuries. A sheriff on the case said of his investigators:

They have never seen such harm inflicted on a child. The child endured quite a bit of harm before dying.

He described the couple as "pretty emotionless" during their baby's hospitalization. But soon after police spoke to the couple, they hired an attorney and clammed up. But the sheriff says there is "substantial evidence" against the couple.

One thing that got investigators' attention? That the couple got married only four days after their baby's horrific death. Said the sheriff:

It's pretty odd. I have never seen it before ... to get married even before they buried the child.

Of course, there could be practical reasons for this. Maybe a legality such as not being compelled to testify against a spouse. Maybe it was for health insurance or life insurance.

But it sure looks bad. Who would want to have a wedding four days after your child brutally dies? Most people would be too devastated at that time to want what should be a tender, romantic moment with a spouse.

But not these two.

Image via Mobile County Sheriff's Office

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