Mother Accused of Trying to Kill 2 Kids By Poisoning Their Apple Juice

A woman from Schiller Park, Illinois, has been arrested for allegedly committing the one crime most of us can never wrap our minds around. Krystle El Khatib, 29, reportedly tried to kill her two children by crushing up the anti-anxiety drug benzodiazepine and placing the powder into their apple juice. She then instructed her 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter to drink two glasses each of the juice. Her older child tried to stand up for himself and refused, but El Khatib reportedly made sure he drank the poison by threatening to kill him.


El Khatib had apparently intended for this to be a family suicide because police say she ingested benzodiazepine and the painkiller Norco shortly after making her children drink the juice. But the drugs didn't have the effect she thought they would and she simply passed out.

According to the children's father -- who reportedly took them to the hospital after his son woke up the next morning, vomited several times, and then texted him because he couldn't wake up his mom -- the two had been having issues. Police say she actually sent him a text a few days prior to the tragedy that read, "At least if I go to hell, I've already been there. The kids go to heaven. Peace from all."

The children's father also told police the woman had been angry with him for not wanting to spend more time with her and for not being around for the kids.

Marriage records show that El Khatib was married to her husband at age 17, but that they divorced after less than one year.

When police interviewed El Khatib, she reportedly told them she gave her children the drug because she "wanted all three of them to go to sleep and not wake up."

The only good news to come out of this is that, thank god, both children have recovered and are in their dad's custody. It goes without saying, though, that they will have a lot to wrap their minds around as they try to understand why their mother would do this to them.

What do you think has to be going through this mother's mind to make her allegedly poison her two children?


Image via County Cook Sheriff

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