Mother Says She Can't Remember Where Her Baby Is

A mother who was arrested for killing her first baby now says she has no idea where her second baby is. Last year, 25-year-old Melissa Mitin allegedly killed her newborn daughter by placing her face first in a wastebasket. Within three months, she got pregnant again while out on bail, and now that baby can't be found.


At the time Mitin was out on bond, she was living with her parents, and they apparently had no idea that the 215 pound woman from Lansing, Michigan, had gotten pregnant again.

Last month, she reportedly gave birth to a baby boy and now ... he's missing. Asked by a court judge where the baby was, Mitin replied that she "couldn't recall."

"If that is true," the prosecutor said, "then she has some major psychological issues."

No doubt! It's hard to know what is happening here with Mitin. Does she have severe mental or emotional issues or special needs that is preventing her from having the slightest idea what to do with a baby, how to prevent pregnancy or anything else?

Some clue as to why she keeps getting pregnant might be found by looking at her parents. Reportedly, they are extremely religious and talking about sex or how babies are made is just not something Mitin grew up with.

But putting one baby face down in a garbage bin and another one is now god knows where? What is going on with this woman?

It's a shame bond was posted and this probably wouldn't have happened. It's not up to the court system to babysit people out on bond, but it is a shame that someone didn't take it upon themselves to start slipping birth control in this woman's food.

At least something like this likely won't happen a third time, for her bond has been revoked and she now sits where she should have been sitting this whole time: in jail.

Could anything have prevented this?


Image via Police Handout

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