Mom Accused of Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Pal of Her Own Son (VIDEO)

A mother has been charged with sexually abusing the 12-year-old friend of her son -- while her son was home. Nicole Marie Smith, 30, of St. Charles City, Missouri, allegedly had sex while the woman's own son was in the basement. But that wasn't the only time.


Reportedly, the sex crimes went on over a nine month period inside of Smith's home. Police say the woman also encouraged the boy to erase text messages between the two of them, and the two reportedly declared that they were in love with each other.

The sexual abuse allegations are shocking enough but the idea that the boy was ostensibly there to play with her own son -- and probably there with his parents' permission -- is jaw dropping.

This is the age when you start to give your kids more freedom. They can walk to and from the bus stop, go to friends' homes, etc. It's the time when you are just beginning to let them truly spread their wings, and to do that, you have to trust the circle of people who are in your child's life.

That circle generally includes the parents of your child's friends. Without them, how could you let your kid blossom into an independent adult?

It's horrible to think that this boy's parents may have met this woman many times, may have been friends with her, may have totally trusted her to care for their son like her own. Meanwhile, she was allegedly abusing that trust in the worst way.

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Not to mention that if these allegations are true, she has completely betrayed her own son. Imagine him having to grow up knowing mom was preying on his pal?

Are you ever worried about your child's friends' parents?

Image via Fox 2

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