Dad Sends 3-Year-Old to School with Drugs Instead of Lunch -- Oops!

A father was sentenced to four years in prison for packing his son's lunch incorrectly. Instead of sending his 3-year-old to school with cookies and a banana, he sent him to nursery school with a drug kit.


Lee Webb, 23, of Kent, England, was arrested after he dropped his child off at a nursery school. When the staff opened the little boy's knapsack to get his lunch, they were shocked to find cocaine and mephedrone, a banned stimulant. Also in the Tupperware box inside the knapsack was paraphernalia for selling drugs, including a set of scales and two knives.

It's one thing to put two different colored socks on in the morning, but this is quite the screw up!

Staff were then even more shocked as the man reportedly showed back up at his son's school and demanded the lunchbox that held the illegal items. They refused to hand it over and called police. The man fled.

He was reportedly later found at his house with the name of a lawyer scribbled on his hand. He claimed he was just "watching" the Tupperware kit for someone else.

At his sentencing, the judge read him the riot act for sending his toddler to school packing like a drug king pin and sentenced him to four years in prison.

This is one guy I would never let pack my kid's lunch again.

Image via Police

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