Father Reportedly 'Loses' 2-Year-Old in Freezing Car for 5 Hours (VIDEO)

A father has been arrested for abandoning his child after he entered a convenience store and told the clerk he couldn't find his car with his 2-year-old in it. However, instead of asking the clerk to call 911, the man, Charles Fife, paced around the store for at least half an hour and reportedly refused to call police.


Video surveillance footage shows the man walking aimlessly around the store in Spokane, Washington, and when confronted by the clerk as to why he didn't call police, the man reportedly told her, "I just don't want to talk to the cops, my son is tough. He can handle it."

Hm. The fact that the man reportedly had 12 felonies on his record might have something to do with his shyness around police. But you would think that the fact that he supposedly couldn't find his car, which had his toddler in it, and it was freezing temperatures out, would convince him that maybe cops were the way to go on this one. But nope.

The clerk finally decided to take matters into her own hands and called police. They eventually found the man's car parked a mile from the store. Authorities believe the little boy, who was wearing only a T-shirt and pants, had been in the car for five hours.

Given the freezing temps, it's amazing he was still alive. Reportedly, the boy was already close to getting frostbite and said "ow" and pointed to his feet when brought to the hospital.

Poor little guy. Can't imagine what he was going through sitting there all by himself in the freezing cold for so long while waiting for an adult to rescue him.

And what the heck was this dad doing? There's no point in speculating what was going through his mind, but obviously he didn't want the cops involved for some reason and thought it was better to possibly have his son freeze to death than to get in trouble.

The man has been charged with abandoning a child and has a long rap sheet.

Check out the video of his bizarre behavior:

Image via KREM-TV

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