Couple Arrested for Letting 1-Year-Old Put Gun in Her Mouth & Making Her Say 'Pow'

A young couple from Indiana face heavy duty child neglect charges after it was discovered they allegedly let a 1-year-old child put a gun in her mouth and instructed her to make "pow" sounds as if the weapon was going off. You have to assume Michael Barnes, 19, and Toni Wilson, 22, who is the toddler's mother, didn't think there was anything wrong with their heinous actions -- because Evansville police say they caught the entire thing on video using Barnes' cellphone.


Thank goodness Barnes was arrested when he was for other charges. The teen reportedly tried to sell a handgun to an undercover officer after meeting the potential buyer through social media. While investigating the suspect, cops searched his cellphone records. They then made the insane discovery that he and a woman identified as Wilson had zero problem putting her baby's life at risk for what I'm assuming were a few sick laughs.

The video reportedly shows the child playing with a gun and then Barnes encouraging her to say "pow" several times after she placed the weapon in her mouth. Police say neither Barnes nor Wilson tried to stop the child from inserting the gun in her mouth.

In case you're thinking what I'm thinking: no, it hasn't been determined whether the baby's mother or her buddy were high on drugs at the time.

At first, Wilson reportedly told cops the weapon was a pellet gun, but authorities say Barnes later confessed that it was a .40 caliber handgun. Seriously -- can this get any crazier?!

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The 1-year-old girl and 1-month-old twins, who also resided in the home, were reportedly placed in emergency care. Barnes and Wilson both face multiple charges, including child neglect and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Barnes also faces charges connected to the attempted gun sale.

Why do you think an adult would allegedly allow a child to play with a gun and put it in her mouth?


Images via Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office

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