Mom Arrested for Choking 12-Year-Old Daughter at Her School

A mother who showed up at a Staten Island, New York City school to deal with her 12-year-old daughter, who had come to class without her school uniform, has been charged with trying to choke her in front of school officials. Staff reportedly called the mom, 36-year-old Bintu Fofanah, when her daughter came to school without the proper outfit. But instead of dropping off the uniform or calmly talking to her daughter, police say the mom attacked her right there in front of everyone.


Authorities say during a meeting with school officials, Fofanah slapped, choked, and punched her 12-year-old. Cops responded to the scene and took the mom into custody. They are also reportedly investigating whether the mother has treated her child like this in the past.

If what police say about what happened is true, and the mom did attack her daughter right in front of school officials, you really have to wonder what is going on at home. Anyone who will abuse a child in public -- not only in public but in front of school officials -- probably does 10 times worse behind closed doors.

In fact, cops say that a previous incident at home left the child with bruising and lacerations after being allegedly hit with a belt.

To allegedly choke and punch your kid in front of so many people sounds like someone who thinks she did nothing wrong. Sadly, too many parents have extremely skewed ideas about discipline, especially if they grew up with abuse, and think it's just being a good, firm parent.

But if this girl was repeatedly being treated like this at home, it's a good thing the mom allegedly did this in public, where people could see it and be witnesses to it, so they could intervene.

The mom has been charged with strangulation, assault, and reckless endangerment. When cops went to the woman's home to investigate, she had reportedly hid her 19-month-old boy and lied to police about his whereabouts. But the toddler spoke out and police were able to retrieve him. He and two older siblings were removed from the home.


Image via Port Authority Police Department

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