3-Year-Old Allegedly Kidnapped Through Window of Her House by Stranger (VIDEO)

A family is shaken up but relieved after they chased down a man who allegedly snatched a 3-year-old girl through their house's window. The family was home at 7 p.m. in Santa Clarita, California, when a stranger allegedly leaned through an open window and beckoned a little girl inside to come near him. When she did, he reportedly snatched her through the window and ran off. Astonishingly, he apparently did this right in front of family members, who then took off after him.


The girl's uncle, identified only as Jesus, told KTLA:

I actually ... ran behind him. I think he heard my footsteps and then he turned around quickly and asked me if this was my daughter.

At this point, the man handed back the child. Another report says that the man claimed he was just trying to "return" the girl. Erm, right.

Once the girl was safely in her uncle's arms, her father tackled him to the ground. They held him there until police arrived. The suspect is now in custody, and police say there is no connection between him and the girl.

While this type of stranger kidnapping is the stuff of nightmares, it is extremely rare. And for it to allegedly happen right in front of the family is incredibly bizarre.

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While it's a good thing the family was home to see what happened, you have to shudder at the idea that somewhere out there, someone was so brazen and deranged that he allegedly thought he could get away with abducting a girl right out from under her family's nose.

Image via KCBS-TV

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