Son Who Attacked Dad With a Hammer Had Good Reason

A son has been jailed for six years for taking a hammer to his father's head while apparently defending his mother. Benjamin Wilson, 22, of Teesside, UK, reportedly heard crashing and banging inside a bedroom following repeated threats by his drunken dad that he was going to harm the family. The father, Craig Wilson, had already been jailed for two years for strangling his wife, Benjamin's mother. Benjamin charged in with a hammer and beat his father around the head, causing severe damage.


Despite the fact that the judge believed that Benjamin was defending his mother, he was still sentenced to six years, though he could have received as much as 12.

Benjamin had been brought up witnessing and being subjected to violence on the part of his alcoholic father. His attack on his father left him with "multiple holes in his head and face," deformity, loss of six teeth, and he was on a feeding tube for six weeks.

On the night he snapped, Benjamin's father had reportedly threatened to "chop everybody up." When he heard smashing sounds coming from the bedroom, he assumed his father was beating his mother (it's unclear if he actually was).

One of the many horrible fall-outs of domestic violence is the effect on the children. Not only does witnessing domestic violence traumatize kids and warp their sense of trust and relationships, but children can often be put in the position of having to defend the parent victim, usually the mother.

Most instances of a child defending his or her mom do not end in attempted murder, but children often put themselves in harm's way. Not only can a child end up physically harmed and certainly psychologically harmed, but that child can actually end up a murderer because of a situation he or she should never have been in.

Please, women, if you find yourself in an abusive situation, yet another reason to get help and get out is to never put your kids in this situation.

Benjamin will now spend six years in prison because he was doing something he never should have been in the position of doing.

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Over 20,000 people have signed an online petition asking Benjamin to be freed -- if he genuinely was protecting his mother, he should not be in prison, that I agree with.

If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.


Image via Police

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