Dad Arrested for Throwing Wild Playboy-Themed Party for Daughter

Picking a theme for your kid's birthday party is something you usually let them do once they hit the third or fourth year. After all, it's not a lot of skin off your nose if they like princesses or ponies. But what if your teen daughter wanted to throw a Playboy Mansion themed shindig? One California dad was arrested last Friday, January 2, for throwing a Playboy party for his daughter's 18th birthday.


Jeff Lake, a lawyer in the Poway area with a medical marijuana focus, hosted his darling daughter Olivia Lake's "Liv's Playboy Mansion" birthday party. What must've been The Event of Christmas Break was attended by 150-200 teenagers, and many were reportedly caught with alcoholic beverages in their hands outside the home. Inside, an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old were found unconscious.

San Diego County Sheriff's deputies arrested Jeff Lake for "social host ordinance violation charges."

"That [social host] ordinance makes it illegal to host a party where underage individuals consume alcohol. It comes with a possible 6-month jail sentence," explained 10News in San Diego.

Thanks to Instagram and Twitter, there are several racy images from the event, including scantily clad teen girls in bunny ears posing provocatively. I don't even understand why this girl would want her dad to throw her this kind of party. As far as my dad is concerned, I don't even know what Playboy is, and I'm 32. I'd like to keep it that way. Just ... weird.

Poway Mayor Steve Vaus thought it was more than just inappropriate. He said, "You have a party like this and it's as though you're handing out hand grenades as party favors. It's a disaster waiting to happen ... I'd like to put a scarlet letter in front of the homes of people that do this, to say you can't trust these folks, they make bad decisions related to kids' safety."

There were apparently other adults in attendance, but it's not known whether Olivia's mom, Jackie Lake, was there. Jackie was once the PTA president at the local high school, and she called her daughter in a birthday tweet "the baddest b**** in town," and warned her not to get arrested. Maybe she should've given the same advice to Mr. Lake. Just saying.

Do you think it's appropriate to serve alcohol at teen parties?


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