Stepson Allegedly Kills Himself & 3 Other Family Members but No One Knows Why (VIDEO)

sam driskellSome tragic news out of Paulding County, Georgia, today. Apparently a Sheriff's Office corporal from that county was killed, and investigators said on Tuesday that they think it may have been a murder-suicide at the hands of his stepson.

Fifty-two-year-old Corporal Sam Driskell, pictured above, was found shot with his wife, daughter, and stepson. Authorities say he had worked for the county for 10 years and was part of the department of crimes against children.


Felix Almonte, 21, the stepson, is the one authorities believe shot and killed Driskell, his mother, Muachin Driskell, 36, and his sister Carolyn, who was only 12 years old. Apparently Driskell was asleep when he was shot in his head. There were no signs of a struggle. Hopefully the mother and sister also weren't aware that death was coming for them in such a heartwrenching way and that they may have died in their sleep too.

Authorities seem to be aware that some issues existed between stepfather and stepson, but no details were released. However, other members of the family were completely shocked. Driskell's cousin, Hunter Smallwood, lives across the street from them. "I mean he wasn't the most outgoing kid or anything like that but he was always nice and he was well mannered and worked hard for his dad a lot," Smallwood said of Almonte. "Never got in really much trouble at school or never did any of the things that, hell, probably me and a lot of my friends was doing." Almonte also had no prior criminal record. Needless to say, it seems that everyone is baffled as to the reason Almonte would snap in such a violent way.

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Since one of its department employees was involved in this tragedy, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will be looking into this terrible, senseless crime. Reportedly the bodies will be taken to Atlanta so autopsies can be completed and that "each victim was shot once," according to a local news source.

Perhaps more will come to light about what exactly was going on between Driskell and Almonte and what could possibly have happened for Almonte to take so many innocent lives, but even knowing that of course won't bring this family back. We can only hope that the other family members and community can grieve together over this loss and put the missing pieces together to figure out what happened within this family.

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What do you think caused Almonte to become so violent?


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