Dad Accused of Bringing 5-Month-Old Baby to Commit Armed Burglary

Hiring the worst babysitter in the world would have been better than this. A 22-year-old man from St. Petersburg, Florida, had big plans on Monday night -- to allegedly break into a home with a knife. But Corey Mathews apparently didn't make the proper arrangements for his 5-month-old son ahead of time and reportedly decided to bring him along for the ride. And he didn't just leave him in the getaway vehicle -- he allegedly held onto his son's car seat and acted as a lookout while another man attempted to break into a home. And then things took a turn for the truly bizarre and horrific.


The homeowner reportedly returned to his residence at around 5:45 p.m. and found Mathews and his infant standing near the back of his house. The father yelled out a warning to his accomplice, who fled the scene. The homeowner claims Mathews first took off on a bicycle -- with the baby carrier still in hand -- and says he then walked down an alley to get away from the homeowner.

While calling 911, the gutsy homeowner reportedly followed Mathews -- something I'm guessing he might not have done if Mathews didn't have a baby in his arms.

But the homeowner obviously underestimated the suspect's desire to be a good role model. Because what happened next is stunning: police say Mathews placed his son's carrier on the ground, pulled a knife on the homeowner, and threatened his life.

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At the request of a police dispatcher on the other end of the phone, the homeowner retreated to his house and Mathews was arrested -- while still holding his son -- a short time later.

Police say they have both suspects in custody. Mathews has been charged with residential burglary, aggravated assault, child neglect, and violation of probation.

His child is reportedly staying with his paternal grandmother.

Why do you think this man would allegedly bring his baby to an armed burglary?


Image via St. Petersburg Police

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