Protective Dad Catches Boy Alone With Daughter & Chops Off His Hair (VIDEO)

A father says he was just looking out for his daughter when he captured a teen paramour sneaking around inside his house, and he captured him, dragged him to the kitchen, and cut off his dreadlocks with a knife. Reginald Hardy, 38, of West Reading, Pennsylvania, says he was shocked when he noticed a boy darting around his home, obviously there to spend time with his daughter and not wanting dad to know about it. Enraged, the dad chased the boy into the bathroom, punched him, then dragged him to the kitchen and lopped off his locks.


Hardy has been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and other offenses. Yep, the days when dads could get away with this type of thing are apparently over.

Hardy told News 69:

I'm a father and I'm looking out for my daughter. That's it.

Well, you really can't blame the dad for being alarmed. Not only are the days of a dad being able to greet his daughter's suitor with a shotgun over, but the days of boys being suitors are over. Didn't they used to come to the house, knock, and ask permission to take a girl out or something like that?

No doubt the girl invited the teen boy over, so he did have a right to be there -- but the dad also had a right to get him the hell out. Unfortunately, the dad took it too far -- punching him, chopping off his dreads (which he probably took a long time to grow!), and then capping it off with threatening him with a gun. So, erm, yeah, that kind of thing doesn't float anymore, and now dad will probably do some jail time.

But just like the dad who "beat out" his son from a gang, it is nice to see dads taking such a strong interest in their teens' lives. Maybe one day these teens will actually appreciate it.

As for the formerly dreadlocked teen, perhaps he'll think twice about entering a girl's home without checking with the parents first -- especially since now, like Samson, he's lost his hair.

Should the dad have been arrested?

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Image via News 69

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