Son Reportedly Killed Dad Because His Allowance Was Being Lowered

A son is accused of killing his father after he lowered his allowance. By the time most people reach 30 years old, allowances are long a thing of the past, but reportedly not for Thomas Gilbert, Jr., who was still receiving a $400 a week allowance from his parents, as well as having the rent on his posh apartment paid for. A police source told the New York Daily News when Gilbert's father lowered his allowance to $300 a week and threatened to cut off his rent payments, Gilbert retaliated by killing him.


As the son of a wealthy hedge fund manager, Gilbert had lived the good life: He reportedly went to Princeton and lived in a chic Manhattan apartment.

But when he arrived as his parents' multimillion-dollar apartment and asked his mother to go fetch him a sandwich (says a lot right there), he allegedly shot his father in the head while his mom was out and then staged the body to look like a suicide.

He then reportedly fled to his apartment, where he barricaded himself until cops chopped down the door. He was taken away in handcuffs.

Most people would have been thrilled to have the advantages in life that it sounds like Gilbert had -- but apparently he could not bear the thought of any of those advantages being taken away. The parents shouldn't be blamed here, but when you coddle your child to such an extent, it's not totally surprising that that child might freak out when those perks are suddenly taken away.

Gilbert has not been charged -- he reportedly asked for a lawyer and has refused to speak with detectives.

Anyone smell an "affluenza" defense coming up?


Image via Tex Texin/Flickr

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