Mother Allegedly Tried to Have Baby With Pedophile for Sick Reason

Fans of British band Lostprophets were stunned when its lead singer, Ian Watkins, was convicted of sex offenses involving children and is now serving 35 years in prison. Now his girlfriend, 39-year-old mother Joanne Mjadzelics, is on trial for sharing child porn with Watkins. Shockingly, the court heard that Watkins and Mjadzelics discussed on tape having a child specifically so they could abuse him or her.


Police say when they seized the rock star's computer and videotapes, they found a video of him and Mjadzelics having sex while they discussed her getting pregnant and how they could then abuse the child.

Mjadzelics was also allegedly caught sending child porn via text to Watkins and saying she wanted to "play for real." They allegedly discussed the sexual abuse they wanted to perpetrate against children and animals. In one text, she reportedly signed off, "Child molesters till we die." Watkins replied: "I am really happy you now know it is not just talk."

Mjadzelics doesn't dispute that she exchanged graphic photos of children -- reportedly including one being raped -- with Watkins, but says she was doing it to try and trap him and have his activities exposed.

The prosecution is not buying that excuse.

You have to wonder about her excuse, though. Any chance she was really trying to trap him by getting him to admit his proclivities in writing? Perhaps. But you'd think any woman who knew what his proclivities were and was disgusted by them wouldn't go and then have sex with him -- and talk about abusing her own child!

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Watkins pleaded guilty to various sexual offenses against children, including trying to rape an 11-year-old girl, and was sentenced to prison. It remains to be seen if Mjadzelics will end up in the pokey as well.

What do you think of her excuse?

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