Body of 3-Week-Old Baby Girl Found After Home Abduction

The body of a missing 3-week-old baby who was abducted from her Long Beach, California, home after her mother and father and another adult reported to be her uncle were injured in a shooting was found dead. Little Eliza Delacruz was taken from her home by a heartless criminal during an incident that police believe was targeted. Frighteningly, the suspect remains on the loose.


Police responded to a call about a shooting on Saturday night at a Long Beach home and discovered two brothers and the baby's mother had been shot. One of the brothers was Eliza's father.

Police began a search for Eliza, who was reportedly taken by the unknown suspect, who fled with her immediately following the incident. Although detectives are unsure of the suspect's motive, they say they do not think the crime was random -- which makes sense because you have to know you are inflicting a pain worse than death on a parent by hurting their child.

Eliza's body was reportedly discovered in a dumpster on Sunday behind an Imperial Beach strip mall in San Diego. The cause of death is still unknown.

The three adult victims were hospitalized. One was reportedly released, while two remain in critical but stable condition.

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Police are still searching for an adult male whom they believe is responsible for this horrific crime. They haven't confirmed whether the suspect is related to the youngest victim but have asked the public to provide details if they recently witnessed a man bringing home an infant out of the blue.

I'm curious to see whether one of the adult victims will be able to provide clues for the police in the days going forward. Our hearts go out to this innocent little girl, who never had a chance to experience life before hers was stolen.

What do you think happened here? How do you think the suspect is connected to the family?


Image via Long Beach Police Department

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