Missing Baby Lisa Irwin's Mom Confesses Why She Feels Guilty Over Her Disappearance

The mother of baby Lisa Irwin, who disappeared from her bed in 2011, has spoken out about her guilt over her daughter's disappearance. Deborah Irwin spoke to Fox New's Megyn Kelly, and explained how on the night Lisa, aged only 10 months, disappeared from her bed, she was drinking with a friend in the house.


Deborah Irwin says she was drinking with a pal while Lisa's dad, Jeremy, was working a rare night shift. She feels Lisa was taken while she wasn't quite alert enough to react.

Deborah told FOX:

I wish I hadn't been drinking. I feel like it was planned and they were gonna take her... maybe if I hadn't been drinking, I would have heard something and got up. I just feel like I didn't save her.

How scary to think that it could have been someone who not only knew that Jeremy was away that night -- but who also knew Deborah wasn't as alert as she could have been.

Deborah also reveals the heartbreaking detail that she and Jeremy keep Lisa's room exactly how it was when she disappeared -- only they still buy her birthday and holiday presents, and just add them to the stuff in Lisa's room, convinced she will one day return to open them all.

There is no way to take away the guilt that Deborah feels, and I think every parent would feel the same. In fact, they would probably feel the same even without drinking involved. The Irwins have even had to deal with much suspicion that they themselves had something to do with Lisa's disappearance.

Deborah should really try to forgive herself. What mom hasn't sat down with a friend and had a few drinks after baby goes to bed? Deborah's most difficult journey in this life will not only to continue to try and find Lisa, but to forgive herself. Her drinking had nothing to do with what happened to Lisa.

And poor Deborah obviously had to reveal this "bad mommy" detail in order for her to get more press time for her missing kid. But, hey, I guess you have to do what you have to do. I'd confess my drinking too if it meant a better chance of getting my missing baby back.

Police have released a new sketch of Lisa showing what she might look like today.

Image via FindLisaIrwin.com

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