Sexual Assault Suspect Brutally Beaten By Victim's Boyfriend (PHOTO)

It isn't difficult to imagine how many people would react if they came home and found their loved one being attacked -- or allegedly raped: I'm guessing a great many would lash out now, ask questions later. This is exactly what reportedly happened when William Mattson's nephew returned to his home in Conway, South Carolina, on New Year's Eve and allegedly found his 52-year-old uncle on top of his girlfriend in their bedroom. Assuming he had raped his girlfriend, the man reportedly beat the suspect so badly that he left him with one eye swollen shut, bloody lips, and a face full of bruises and cuts.


Police say Mattson, who was charged with first degree sexual assault, sexually assaulted the young woman after she returned home from a party. When the boyfriend walked in, he reportedly had to peel his uncle off of his girlfriend, and then struck him repeatedly -- which he claims he did out of self-defense.

The nephew then called police and, while telling them his side of the story, Mattson actually cut in and interjected, saying the sex was consensual and that he was drinking with the woman and they began hugging and kissing before moving into the bedroom.

His statement reportedly triggered his nephew's desire to try and hit him again -- right in front of the police.

The victim has denied the suspect's claims, by the way.

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This photo of the suspect has been making the rounds and really shows the fury his nephew must have felt when doling out this punishment. Warning: it's not easy to look at:

As far as we know so far, this man's nephew has not been charged for beating the suspect.

Do you think the nephew should face consequences for allegedly beating the suspect after he caught him on top of his girlfriend?


Image banspy/Flickr

Image via J. Reuben Long Detention Center

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