Burglar Caught During Home Invasion Does the Unthinkable

After a woman in Palm Bay, Florida, allegedly caught Johnathan Johnson going through her boyfriend's things at her home, 20-year-old Johnson reportedly confessed to her that he was indeed robbing her -- but only so he could buy his son gifts for Christmas. The woman obviously called police because what else does one do when a potentially dangerous person has broken into their home? But despite having every opportunity to run like the wind, the alleged thief reportedly stayed put and did something unbelievable.


The woman told police she asked the man to leave the premises, but that instead of doing so, he reportedly fixed a screen he had knocked in so that he could break into her apartment.

The victim also checked and realized she was missing $260. Yep, you can guess who had it. Johnson reportedly told her that he forgot to give it to her and returned her money -- as well as all of the belongings he had stolen from her.

Being a nice guy only gets you so far, I'm afraid. Police still arrested the young man and charged him with theft.

If I were in this woman's shoes, I could see being tempted to let the suspect off the hook. But doing so would have been socially irresponsible. Maybe the suspect is really just a nice kid who got mixed in with the wrong folks and who suffered from a momentary lapse of reason. Let's hope getting arrested is the best thing to happen to this suspect.

Would you have let this suspect off the hook?


Image via Trebz/Flickr

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