Mom Arrested for Drowning Child She Thought Was Being Molested

If you suspect your boyfriend of molesting your child, most of us would call the police or at least confront our boyfriend. Some of us would skip the police entirely and go straight for the confrontation -- and make it a very ugly one. But few of us would do what 25-year-old Kayla Marie Jones of St. Paul, Minnesota, allegedly did. Police say that when Jones suspected her boyfriend was abusing her 6-year-old child -- she drowned her.


Authorities say that although there was no evidence that Jones's boyfriend was abusing her daughter, Jones saw her daughter "sleeping with her hand down her pants" and decided that she must have been molested, especially since she says she herself was molested as a child.

She then says she was watching TV and heard a voice say, "Save the child, don't send him to ... the monster." She unfortunately took that as her cue to grab her daughter and thrust her into a tub full of water. Police say she confessed to holding her daughter face down in the tub until she stopped fighting.

Police say Jones told them she drowned her daughter "to save her from this world."

It sounds like Jones completely lost her mind if she is guilty of this. If she really was molested as a child, it just goes to show you the long-lasting and tragic repercussions that can happen with such a horrific crime -- perhaps this woman was so disturbed that she truly believed her daughter would be better off being drowned than sexually abused.

Of course, it will be up to a jury to decide if she knew right from wrong at the moment she allegedly committed this atrocious crime. Most mothers would get help for a child they suspected was the victim of molestation.

It's unbearable to think what this poor baby had to go through. Police have charged Jones with murder.


Image via Ramsey County Jail

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