Man Accused of Spiking Pregnant Girlfriend's Drink to Cause Miscarriage

Some people will go to extreme, bizarre, preposterously frightening lengths to control their worlds and the lives of others. A 25-year-old Indiana man was arrested and charged with attempted feticide after police say he researched miscarriages and then did the unthinkable: spiked his pregnant girlfriend's Christmas drink with an herbal supplement known to be fatal to unborn babies.


Jarod Rebuck reportedly handed his girlfriend a drink on Christmas Day that she said had a strange odor. Now, I don't know about you, but if I ever even suspected for a moment someone I was with would put something in my drink, that would be an immediate red flag that maybe we shouldn't be together.

Thankfully, the woman wasn't totally blinded by love because she reportedly acted on her suspicions and checked her phone. Sure enough, Rebuck had been reportedly using her phone (you just have to ask WHY and whether he did this because he didn't have his own phone, had no idea where the nearest public library was located, OR was secretly looking to get caught).

And here's the lovely phrase her boyfriend reportedly Googled using her phone: "ways to cause a miscarriage."

How heartwarming.

Rebuck reportedly admitted to police that he performed this Google search and that he laced her drink with clary sage, which is an herbal supplement known to help with depression and menstrual cramps, but is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

The suspect is being held on $20,000 bond as prosecutors decide whether additional charges will be brought up against him. Thankfully, both the woman and her child were unharmed.

What do you think of the allegations against this man?


Image via Madison County Sheriff

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