Husband Arrested for Killing Wife on Christmas Eve & Then Taking 2 Children to Celebrate with Grandparents

Christmas Eve should be a time when family's gather 'round the tree for love and togetherness, but in one home in Paradise Township, Pennsylvania, it was a night of pure hell. Police say that Dustin Lee Klopp, 36, and his wife, Stephanie Kilhefner, 34, got into an argument. Klopp reportedly punched his wife in the face and then cut her throat and bashed her head in with an ax, killing her. He then did something unbelievable. He took his two young children, left the house, and celebrated Christmas Eve with his parents.


Klopp reportedly moved his wife's bloody body into a shed and put it in a carrier bag before getting his children, ages 5 and 2, and reportedly bringing them to his parents house for the evening.

Police say no one knew about the murder for at least a day, but then reportedly Klopp decided to call police about 5:20 p.m. Christmas Day and confess.

Police would not say what the couple was arguing about, but "there's nothing that justifies it," says the Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman. Authorities say the children did not witness the crime, which is at least the tiniest sliver of "good" news in this horrific story.

It's also unclear if the man told his parents he had killed his wife when he took his kids there for the holiday.

You really have to wonder how he behaved. Did he act like a man who had just axed his wife to death? Was he in shock? Did the parents suspect anything? Did they just open gifts like nothing had happened?

Luckily, the man did turn himself in, and luckily he did not decide to harm his children too, as we hear about other parents doing.

But what an ungodly Christmas for this family. Certainly these children will never be able to celebrate the holiday in the same way most others do.


Image via Lancaster County Police

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