Babysitter Arrested for Stealing 2-Year-Old's Christmas Toys -- What a Grinch!

A 2-year-old boy in Watsontown, Pennsylvania found out who the Grinch is -- and it's his babysitter. Sean Ashelman, 24, is charged with stealing his little charge's Christmas toys so he could return them to the store and get a refund. Talk about un-Christmas spirit. Who would do such a thing?!


Police say the family friend was babysitting a 2-year-old when he rummaged around under the tree and found a gift for the little boy -- a Mickey Mouse table and chair set. He then apparently snuck upstairs and found the receipt to the toy.

That's when he did something very un-holiday spirit, say police. He allegedly took the toy and the receipt and went to the store, and returned the gift and pocketed the money!

Perhaps he thought a Mickey Mouse table and chair would be worth a lot more, because he only got $30. But he must have seen that on the receipt. How hard up do you have to be to dash a child's Christmas dreams for $30?

Naturally, it didn't take long for the boy's mom to realize the gift was gone, and what had happened. She told WNEP:

I just thought it was disgusting that they would do that to a 2-year-old.

Police tracked Ashelman down and arrested him. And Family Dollar, the store where the mom had originally bought the gift, donated another one to the family. Aww.

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We should really just take Ashelman's face and Photoshop it over the Grinch's body!


Image via Sunbury Police Dept.

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