Woman Wants Stepfather & Mother to Pay for Long Ago Alleged Sexual Abuse (VIDEO)

A woman who says her stepfather and mother sexually abused her from the time she was 4 years old is speaking up and wants justice. Unlike many sexual crime victims, 40-year-old Stacey A. Spione wants her name and face used with her story, in order to give other victims of abuse the courage to come forward. Spione says stepfather Khalil Muslimani and her mother, Ruth Carpenter, were married when the abuse began when she was just a toddler.


Spione says that not only did her stepfather abuse her sexually, but he also impregnated her at age 11 and then she had an abortion. But it gets even worse -- not only that, Spione says that she ended up giving birth to four children by her stepfather.

And, if you can believe it, it gets even worse. She says she was forced to marry him at age 15. It's unclear how that was legal -- although she says her age was incorrectly listed as 18 -- or if he was still married to her mother at the time.

Muslimani was convicted of sex offenses in 1990 and spent several years in prison, and she says one of the offenses was her, but it's unclear who the others are. However, Spione says she wants him tried again for other offenses, and that she wants her mother tried as well. She says that she never got her chance to speak in court, and now she is eager to. She told KHOU:

In August is when it hit. It was just nagging and nagging and nagging. I couldn't get it out of my head. ... I started to envision myself talking to people, I envisioned myself being in court ... not only to get justice for myself but healing for myself and my family. Years ago, I would have been too weak for this ... I am facing my giants. I am finally at a point I can stand up for that little girl I couldn't stand up for before and say 'No, it's not okay. You cannot do this to me.'

She has sent a letter to the state attorney's office in Virginia, but it hasn't responded yet. The alleged rapes happened in both Virginia and Maryland, she says.

Muslimani is now out of prison and reportedly lives in Virginia. The state of Maryland, where Spione lives, arrested Muslimani, 67, in October, and Carpenter has been arrested in Louisiana, where she was living.

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This woman is incredibly brave for coming forward with her story, which, if true, is horrific and one of the worst cases of abuse heard for awhile. Let's hope she gets her day in court. To have to testify against her stepfather and her own mom for such egregious offenses will take a lot of emotional strength, but it sounds like she is more than ready.

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