Cop Arrested for Taking ‘Upskirt’ Photos of Children Gets to Keep His Job With Horrible Consequences

Years after he was allowed to keep his job as a cop despite being caught taking "upskirt" photos of children with a spycam pen, police sergeant Nick Lidstone was sentenced to prison after reportedly admitting to raping a child. The judge expressed astonishment that Lidstone wasn't fired or placed in a sexual offender registry.


In 2005, Lindstone pled guilty to taking pictures of children with a spy pen in a store in Cambridgeshire, England. Although the photos were "upskirt" pictures taken secretly, they were for some reason not considered sexual in and of themselves, and for some very bizarre reason, he was given a conditional discharge from the department, yet allowed to remain a police officer. He was also not placed on the sex offenders' registry. Hmm. Gee, I wonder why!

It's unclear if Lidstone kept his job as an officer with the same department, or was moved after his conditional discharge, but it appears he remained employed as a cop.

Years later, Lindstone admitted to a series of sexual offenses against a 9-year-old child. The judge said he used the victim as a "sexual toy." One witness who knows the child testified that the acts had "ruined" the young girl's life.

The pedophile cop has now been sentenced to 14 years in prison, but the judge said:

You have one previous conviction which has two worrying aspects: firstly, the nature of the offence and secondly, the fact you were convicted under public order legislation when quite clearly these were serious sexual offences.

You had armed yourself with a covert camera and were found taking pictures of children. Why on earth you were not charged under the sexual offences act, I do not know.

Whoever took that decision, it allowed you to carry on as a police officer.

Lindstone's police department says they are investigating the incident.

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Wow, this seems to be an instance of preferential treatment if there ever was one. It's unclear if the family intends to sue the police department -- the British aren't as sue-happy as the Americans -- but this seems to be a case that begs for a major lawsuit. Unbelievable that this trusted public servant was able to carry on in his job despite such an egregious previous offense!


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