2 Cops Killed By Gunman Avenging Deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown

police line do not crossDetails are continuing to emerge in the shooting death of two NYPD officers who were sitting in their marked police car in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, when a gunman approached the car and shot them execution-style. Investigators have revealed that the gunman walked up to the car on the corner of Myrtle and Tompkins Avenues and shot the cops in the head. He then fled down to the subway and killed himself. The suspected gunman reportedly wrote on his Instagram: "I'm Putting Wings on Pigs Today."


The New York Post reported that the suspect also wrote:

They Take 1 Of Ours..... Let's Take 2 of Theirs #ShootThePolice #RIPErivGardner #RIPMikeBrown This May Be My Final Post I'm Putting Pigs In A Blanket

(Note: This text was taken from the suspect's Instagram and the proper spelling is Eric Garner.)

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The shooting happened in the daylight around 3 p.m. when the officers were working overtime for an anti-terrorism drill the NYPD was conducting. Sources said that the shooter was a wanted man -- he had fled Baltimore after shooting and killing his girlfriend. After shooting the cops point-blank from the passenger side window, he fled underground to the G train platform with other police chasing after him. The suspect then shot himself in front of a large crowd of people waiting for the train. He died.

This terrible news heightens the fear that there is too great a divide between police and the public. The police are needed to protect us, to serve communities and keep us safe. I think those that are of sane mind know that these police officers didn't deserve to die -- this isn't about avenging the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, who both didn't deserve to die either. Murder, violence, and looting is not the answer. We must come together and talk, get a dialogue going, be active in our communities, bond people, re-build trust, not break it all down with unrest. I'm praying people come together in peaceful ways to make the world better. These times are very fragile.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of both officers.

Does this latest act of violence make you fearful?


UPDATE: The suspect's name is Ismaaiyl Brinsley. It is believed he used his girlfriend's Instagram to spread his views of hatred of the police and show the gun he was going to use. The woman's mother alerted the police of his postings. An alert went out, but details didn't reach the officers in time. The NYPD and Mayor DeBlasio have asked people to come forward if ever they see threatening posts on social media or hear of anyone speaking of it.

The officers killed have also been identified as Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Wenjian is a newlywed -- he just married his love two months ago. Rafael leaves behind a 13-year-old son. Again, my thoughts are with these families.

It has now also been reported that the girlfriend shot in Baltimore wasn't killed, but seriously wounded and is recovering in a Baltimore-area hospital.


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