7 Men Arrested for Kidnapping 16-Year-Old Girl & Forcing Her to Have Sex for Money

A 16-year-old girl from Florida is recovering today after living through a nightmare: she was reportedly kidnapped outside of her school and forced to work as a prostitute for one week – and in that week she had sex with more than 16 men. Seven men, including two who are a father and son, were arrested in connection with this disgusting, deplorable crime.


The girl was allegedly abducted by the men, who parked their vehicle outside of her school on Dec. 4 and told her she had to make them more than $1,200 by selling her body.

The young woman was given cocaine, molly, marijuana, and alcohol, according to police, and was forced to sleep with more than 16 men and perform anal, oral, and vaginal sex. At one point, police say she was forced to have sex with eight men at the same time.

The suspects have been identified as Cornelius Edwards, Mark Evans, Jerome Grace, Greg Hill, Derrick Powell, Derrick Powell Jr. and Branden Sands. They have been charged with sexual battery and assault and are being held without bond.

Police are still investigating this case and we aren’t yet sure where the victim was held or who are these horrific men who would pay money to sleep with an intoxicated teenager who is being held against her will.

I seriously hope the men who paid for sex in this case are also identified – that they are exposed in the media by name, and forced to take accountability for allowing these monsters to profit off of an innocent child. Our hearts go out to this teenager and we hope she can somehow get past this and move on with her life.

What consequence do you think these suspects should face if they are convicted of this crime?


Image via Miami-Dade Sheriff’s Office/Local 10


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