Twisted Love Triangle Uncovers Child Sexual Abuse Plot

A married couple and the man's mistress have been convicted of charges involving the exchange of sick text messages describing how they wanted to sexually abuse children. In one message, the husband and his mistress even discussed having a child so they could abuse him or her.


Kevin and Susan Barnett, both 28, of Cumbria, England, were estranged yet continued to exchange child and animal pornography and to talk about abusing children. Kevin reportedly described wanting to drug children to molest them, and Susan reportedly wrote that she thought about sexually molesting children "all of the time."

She also reportedly said that she would be willing to comfort a child as she was raped and tell her "it was okay."

While Kevin apparently had no intention of getting back with his wife, he continued to goad her into participating in his text fantasies, and at one point he even managed to get her to agree to a real-life threesome with his mistress, Nikita Moore, 22.

The text messages were discovered when cops were called to a domestic violence incident involving Kevin and another woman, and a tip off told them to look through his phone. That's where they discovered the twisted scheme.

All three claimed the exchanges were just "fantasy" with no real intent to act on them, but they were convicted of conspiracy anyway.

While New York City's "Cannibal Cop," police officer Roberto Valle, was initially convicted of plotting to cook and eat women, a judge eventually decided that he was just kidding around and let him go. Let's hope that doesn't happen here -- but it's a good thing they had the child and animal porn images along with their texts, or some judge might have bought into the "just fantasy" defense.

The silver lining here is that the couple never got around to abusing any children -- and that the man and mistress never actually conceived a baby for the purpose of molesting it. As we know from the twisted case of Jonathan and Sarah Adleta, that can actually happen!

It's scary that this guy managed to not only find a woman to marry him, but one to have an affair with too!

The three will be sentenced in February.

Should they go to prison for just text messages?

Image via Carissa Rogers/Flickr

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