Cop Caught Repeatedly Punching Young Boy Who Was Handcuffed (VIDEO)

NYPDAnother questionable display of police activity happened, and once again, there is video posted on December 17 showing what I believe is excessive force. As of now, the details have not been officially confirmed. But apparently after school in New York City, one kid was pushed to the ground and hit by a cane by other classmates. The cops were called and what resulted is one kid being punched several times after being handcuffed. It is believed that kid is 12 years old. Warning: The video is upsetting and contains explicit language.


As the woman on the video is heard saying to the officers:

This is not a war. This is a 12-year-old kid.

If this continues, it will turn into a war. Internal Affairs is investigating this case and has yet to make a statement. Several on the scene were shouting for the cop to stop. And while the child's age makes this case especially upsetting, anyone of any age should not be punched after they are handcuffed. There is no reason for this kind of brutality. The kid was already under the control of hand restraints and several cops were holding him down when a plain clothes cop seemed to come out of nowhere and began punching him.


That answer is on everyone's mind right now. Let's think of Eric Garner. Let's think of Michael Brown. And that answer is different depending on whom you ask. No matter what the answer is, the more important statement is that it has to STOP.

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When the cops questioned the victim who was pushed down and hit with a cane, he reportedly said that the two kids handcuffed and pushed down on the cars weren't the ones who assaulted him. But they were arrested anyway, along with the victim.

The public is losing faith in the police. Many in our society are made to feel like we are animals, like we have no rights, that we can be unjustly treated, attacked, killed by cops for just being who we are -- because of the color of our skin. And cops are getting away with this brutality. It has to stop. We need to build trust within our communities, not create a divide -- people need to be able to trust the police, not fear them. It's going to take a lot of time, but we can start now, work together, be understanding of each other, and continue the dialogue to make change. 

How does this video make you feel? Do you think police used excessive force?


Image via Dave Hosford/Flickr

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