Babysitter Arrested for Murder of 5-Year-Old Boy She Said Was Abducted by Intruders

A 5-year-old boy who was originally thought to have been abducted from his home by masked intruders was found dead in upstate New York, and the masked intruder story was believed to be a hoax, say police. Even more disturbing, cops say it was the little boy's cousin, 19-year-old Tiffany Vanalstyne, who was babysitting him, who allegedly murdered him.


Little Kenneth White was originally thought to be at home in Knox, New York, with his twin sister and a 4-year-old sister and their 19-year-old babysitter, when two masked gunmen burst into the home and pinned down the babysitter, then fled with the boy.

An Amber Alert went out but was subsequently cancelled when the boy's body was found approximately 10 miles from his home by a search dog.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told reporters:

You know we caught some contradictions in a few different statements that were taken so a few flags had popped. It's a horrific case. I mean, we lost a 5-year-old child, a senseless death who left behind a twin sister and a 4-year-old sister.

Now police are pointing the finger at the little boy's cousin. White lived with his aunt, as both parents lost custody of him and his siblings. Vanalstyne is being charged with second degree murder for allegedly bashing the boy in the head and strangling him.

Horrifyingly, the boy's twin sister and 4-year-old sister were in the trailer when the murder allegedly happened. Vanalstyne is the daughter of the children's aunt, Brenda, who was their legal guardian.

Police say that after Vanalstyne killed White, she took him from the home, threw his body in a ditch, and covered it with snow. She then called her mother, Brenda, and concocted the story about the masked intruders (not a unique cover story by any means -- and one that doesn't tend to hold up for very long). Her mother told her to call 911.

This poor little boy -- already so much tragedy so young, not having parents, and living in a trailer with his aunt and siblings and cousin ... and then this. He definitely deserved so much better.


Image via Albany County Sheriff's Office

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